Recent research indicates that only 30% of people are born with innate personality traits that make them great leaders.  


My Mission

To elevate the remaining 70% by developing community engaging leadership practices that build healthy dynamics resulting in peak performance.  Through sharing my experiences, resources, and knowledge of current theories and research in leadership, I collaborate with clients to develop a winning culture within your team.


toni armstrong, M.S.
Performance Leadership Consultant

Armstrong coached swimming for over 8 years, first as a coach for intentionally recognized North Baltimore Aquatics Club and then for Minnesota State—where she earned her Masters in Experiential Education. She has worked for both Outward Bound California and The Stanford Leadership Institute at Stanford University. Her passion is in high performance, group dynamics, female empowerment, leadership and experiential educational.

Toni has worked with several teams in The Patriot League and NESCAC conferences as well as three of the top 10 finishers at the 2019 Swimming & Diving DIII NCAAs.  Toni is currently the leadership expert for Loyola University’s Leadership Academy, and Kara Lynn Joyce’s LEAD Sports Summit.

Through play based learning practices, she makes learning leadership fun, collaborative, and community building. Toni resides in Baltimore, MD with her husband Scott and two children Owen and Evelyn.

  • 8 Years Experience in Team-building, Team-bonding, and Leadership Development

  • Master of Experiential Education and Educational Leadership

  • Teaching for The Stanford Leadership Institute at Stanford University

  • Teaching for Outward Bound California

  • Coaching for Internationally Recognized Team North Baltimore Aquatics Club under the guidance of Olympic Coaches Murray Stephens and Bob Bowman

  • Coaching College Swimming at Minnesota State

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Ritter Sports Performance Podcast Interview with Toni Armstrong

In this podcast interview, Toni Armstrong discusses her philosophies on leadership--that it should be intentional and growth mindset focused.  She explains how contrary to popular opinion, athletics DO NOT teach leadership, and that the coach needs to have an intentional curriculum to develop the culture and leadership of their athletes.  She also highlights the importance of focusing on the process instead of the product.
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