“They taught us the importance of character, daily discipline, having a routine, and bringing energy to establishing a winning culture.”
— Eric Hagemeister, Vice President Proctor and Gamble

Leadership development program

This program is perfect for long term leadership development.  Our curricula spans the length of 4 years (8 hours per year) with each year building on the previous.  Our objective is to develop positive culture, community, and effective leadership practices where the athletes' senior year represents the culmination of all their skills. 

First Years
* Leadership of Self
* Group Dynamics
* Diversity
* Team Culture


* Growth Mindset
* Goals vs Intentions
* How the Brain Learns
* Bringing Energy Every Day

* Conflict
* Effective Feedback
* Reasons People Follow
* Legacy

* Ethics of Leadership
* Follower Readiness
* Reaching Consensus
* Retirement

Maintaining a consistent growth mindset curriculum, that sustains the topic of leadership throughout their entire experience, leads to stronger retention and application in the teams' day to day interactions.  The curriculum is divided by class and builds as the athlete develops.  This is the perfect program for an athletic team that wishes to empower and education their athletes to become senior leaders and captains that can effectively guide their team towards a happy and healthy culture.

Team Building and Team Bonding

Leadership development, team building, and team bonding are three distinct topics that work best when overlapped. This aspect of leadership development will bring together all the classes of each team into a collaborative leadership laboratory. Skills will be tested, practiced, and developed in a safe and forgiving atmosphere. This will allow each team to establish their group dynamics and reach common ground for leadership; including communication practices, mutual goals, mutual respect, team culture, and value of community. 

Leadership audit 

Need help diagnosing the negative leadership practices and culture emerging from your athletes?  Do you desire to prevent negative leadership practices from developing?  Our custom programs are great for not only educating athletes about effective positive leadership practices, but also for preventing and fixing negative leadership setbacks.  Our facilitation of leadership and team building simulations act as a crystal ball into the group dynamic and leadership problems (or potential future problems) of your program.  Once the issues have been diagnosed, we can offer suggestions for fixing and preventing these culture issues from developing in the future. 

Speaking engagements

Our speeches are custom tailored for each engagement based on desires and needs.  Here is a list of some of our previous engagements:

  • "Bringing Energy to Everyday Life" - Wounded Warriors, April 2017

  • "Establishing a Winning Culture" - Proctor and Gamble, 2017

  • "Developing Future Leaders" - Central Church, 2017

  • "Maximizing Your Potential" - Johns Hopkins University, 2017

  • "Being 100% Responsible for our Effectiveness" - Grove City College Athletics Banquet, 2017

  • "Developing an 'All-In' Culture" - Naval Academy, Dec. 2016

  • "It Takes Courage to Race" - NCAA Banquet, 2016

  • "We Can Do Better" - Unleashed, Sept. 2015

  • "The Silver Bullet: 100% Buy-In" - Almo, August, 2014

  • "Collaboration for Success" - ASCA, Sept. 2014

  • "Coaching the 21st Century Athlete" - University of Puget Sound, Sept. 2013

Other Topics for Parents, Swimmers, and Coaches

  • A Primer on Female Group Dynamics

  • Season Planning for Leadership Development

  • How to Develop Strong Captainship

  • How to Foster a Growth Mindset at Home

  • How to Talk to your Swimmers During a Championship Meet

  • Finding Your Leadership Voice

  • Why Failure is an Important Element in Success

  • High Performance Group Dynamics and How Conflict is Essential For Success

clinics and conferences

We would love to add some leadership development to your clinics and conferences.  Here are some topics we have worked with in the past:

  • How to Lead and Empower Your Coworkers and Assistant Coaches

  • How to Lead and Empower Your Athletes

  • Educational Sessions to Teach Your Athletes

  • Modern Leadership Practices and Common Leadership Misconceptions

webinars and online Social groups

Not everyone has time to attend a conference or leadership clinic, but many people have time to sit at home in front of the computer to develop their leadership skills.  Our webinars and online social groups are geared towards educating coaches and athletes about modern leadership practices while simultaneously creating a supportive, thought provoking, and engaging community that will continue the conversation and growth after the end of our time together. 

If you are interested in developing a webinar or joining us in an online social group discussion, please contact us.


Consistency is the most effective learning method.  If leadership theory is the cake, real time application is the icing.  Our live video chat meetings are for applying and developing leadership skills in real time, as real-life challenges arise. Whether acting as captain development, assistant coach development, or a head coach sounding board, our meetings are specifically designed for your team’s continued success.  We are your unbiased third party who can provide an outside view for your team.  These meeting can be prescheduled or scheduled as needed. 

curriculum writing

We help write experiential educational curricula for programs that wish to educate in an experiential frame.  Our curricula is beneficial to students because it enhances the learning experience, increases retention, and inspires lifelong learning while simultaneously building community and leadership skills.  Some of our favorite learning theories include Play Based, Project Based, and Service Learning.


Although we do not currently offer our own retreats, we would love to be an integral part of yours.  Bring us along on your retreats to teach leadership, build community, and create a connection among participants.