[Performance Leadership] is nothing short of excellent with their message and presentation. We cannot say enough good things about the impact they had on our program. They arrived fully prepared, ready to work with your team and determined to see your team learn, grow and develop.
— Bill Roberts, Head Coach Navy Men's Swimming

Things are going really well and I feel part of that is due to the awareness that [Performance Leadership] gave to the group last month... The impact on the freshman to not be afraid to be leaders is very evident in a positive way... several upperclassman have moved out of reserved roles into the spotlight and it has been really cool to watch.
— Robert Rueppel, Head Coach Middlebury Swimming & Diving

I feel like the workshop was extremely well received; personally I loved it and found it both engaging and thought provoking. From what I heard at dinner, the rest of the team seems to share these opinions too. I’m passionate about improving our team culture, and this was for sure a step in the right direction. Everyone opened up and it was the perfect mix of fun and seriousness. I highly recommend doing this workshop again in the future years...
— MIT Athlete

Performance Leadership helped me develop new skills, took me out of my comfort zone, and gave me tools that I can incorporate immediately.
— Anthony Randall, CSU Fresno

Thank you for your presentation at the Coaches Academy. It was engaging and enjoyable. Some of the take aways for me were hitting the reset button (for me starting to read as the last thing I do at work), energy to everyday life/ recovery base training, and I need to drive the culture more/ cultural models. You do impact the lives of people/coaches/athletes!
— CSCAA Coaches Academy Student

Your words over these past few weeks have really struck a chord within me. As a leader on my team, my focus is always on them and how we can function best. You have encourages us to have difficult conversation, enabling us to move away from our storming stage and onto performing. Thank you for giving us this opportunity for growth—I think may teammates and I have learned a lot.
— Goucher Student-Athlete

As a first year coach, I am very proud to have attended the Coach Academy and your session on Monday morning. As I reflect on everything that I learned while in Chicago, I have the urge to thank you for raising many specific concepts. The significance of sleep and hydration, peer-coaching/teaching, lightening up morning swims, and feedback followed by reflection will all be utilized next fall as we add 14 Freshmen to our roster in the Fall. This large Freshman class will be a much easier transition based on the enlightenment that I was able to experience while attending your sessions and the convention.
— Zachary Bagby, Campbell University

Toni is a fantastic leader and coach with great ideas on how to transform individuals and teams. Working with her I’ve learned so much from her immense passion and depth of knowledge in helping people perform and grow. She has demonstrated great ability in helping create programs that effectively educate and transform the skills and virtues of leadership across a wide variety of age groups. I’m excited to see all the great things that will come from Performance Leadership.
— Kevin Hopper, People Development Director at Dutch Bros Coffee

Leadership is a lifelong process and we do not wish to create the illusion that we have all the answers, because no one does.  Our ultimate goal is to partner with those who share our lifelong love of learning, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence.