College Athletics


Development for Teams

In the college coaching world, no two seasons are exactly alike because no two teams are made up of the same athletes. Inevitably athletes come and athletes go—it is the nature of the beast and one of the biggest challenges. Our season development program focuses on building the team’s culture from the inside out by empowering your current set of athletes to take ownership of their roles and leadership contribution to the team. It will provide tools to build a sustainable culture of performance focused leadership that will teach athletes how to lead better lives in and out of their sport.

Over the course of a season, we can visit your team one, two, three, or four times to enhance the learning experience. Topics will vary from team to team and year to year depending on needs and the group’s dynamic. We divide the groups by gender to enhance the learning atmosphere.

Examples of topics include:
* Leadership Styles
* Group Dynamics
* Approaching Conflict
* Followership
* Communication

Performance Leadership Academy

All Athlete Development

This course will introduce students to leadership education and culture development with Performance Leadership. Each year will build on the previous with the culmination being Senior year (regardless of captainship).  Students will explore the term leadership and what it means to be a positive leader.  They will learn about 4 styles of leadership, which ones they identify with most, and how to practice a more dynamic and adaptive leadership style. They will learn how groups form identities and the stages that are required to reach group success.  They will learn that conflict is necessary to the process and practice the skills required for approaching conflict respectfully and effectively.  Students will develop healthy culture norms for their team and know how to keep everyone engaged in an active leadership role throughout the season.  

Coach Development

Develop your leadership skills as a coaching staff or an entire athletic department through engaging and collaborative community building workshops.