Speaking Engagements



The programming for club swimmers is geared towards ages 10-18 and focuses on developing their leadership voice. Lessons are interactive, engaging, and fun. Here are some topics for athletes:

* Finding Your Leadership Voice

* Why Failure is an Important Element in Success

* High Performance Group Dynamics

* Approaching Conflict



When asked who their role model, inspiration, or mentor is, swimmers respond (eight times out of ten) with their parents—sorry coaches. Bringing parents into the fold is essential for athlete success. Here are some topics for parents:

* How to Foster a Growth Mindset at Home

* How to Talk to your Swimmers During a Championship Meet



Consistent leadership lessons are the most impactful for both coaches and athletes alike. Empowering coaches with the skills to facilitate and mentor athletes most effectively is essential. Here are some topics for coaches:

* Teaching Leadership to Age Groupers

* Season Planning for Leadership Development

* How to Develop Strong Captainship

* Facilitating Effective Open Group Discussions & Reflections