Love, Fear, and Leadership

This article is an oldie but a goodie from the Harvard Business Review back in 2013 titled "Connect, then Lead."  It debates the effectiveness of leading through fear, love, or a balance between the two.  Spoiler alert, confident and compassionate leadership wins. This struck a chord with its statistics, eye opening arguments, and "how to" tips.  The old Machiavelli style of leading through fear is, at best, outdated.  For most it never worked!

The leader-follower connection helps to dictate an environment where the follower feels valued; the leader is respected; energy flows both ways; and both are able to make sense out of what they are working towards (have a greater sense of purpose).

Years ago, coaches led by what they did (science), and what they asked their athletes to do.  Then there was a combination of the science and art (how to be more effective at the skill, flow, drills, etc).  Now the leadership is about the why (does it make sense) of the what and how.  In essence, there must be a connection to reach the Silver Bullet, or the "All-In" Culture.  

Invest in people's lives and you both shall find joy and success.